It is true that we do not have any clue to keep our kids happy, busy and entertained these days. The amazing thing about Seoul City is that it offers you plenty of things that you can enjoy with your kids. From a list of biking to skiing, amusement parks to interactive kids museums, animal farms and traditional Korean villages, here are 20 of our favourite things that you can enjoy with your kids in this amazing Korean city.


Feed Deer in Seoul Forest

There are 2 cool playgrounds located here along with stroller-friendly walks for your little ones, a feeding rabbit area, and space for cycling. There is also a small botanical garden and grass area for you to fly kites. During summer, jumping fountains can be seen too.


Seoul Children’s Museum

With plenty of discoveries for your children to make and tons of buttons for them to push, Seoul Children’s Museum is full of fun for your little ones. After you are done with all the fun in there, you can enjoy a walk with your kids in the Children’s Grand Park. There is also a small zoo, a botanical garden and plenty of playgrounds around the vicinity.


Haneul World Cup Park

Have fun flying kites with your kids at the Hanuel World Cup Park. You will also get to enjoy the splendid views of Seoul downtown, Bukhansan and Han River at the same time.


Namsan Park

Take a cable car to Namsan Park and enjoy becoming a tourist at the N Seoul Tower. While you are there, visit the cute looking Teddy Bear Museum for a fun experience with your little ones.



Bring your own bicycles or rent a bicycle and ride in some of the cycling paths that Seoul has to offer with your kids. Enjoy the refreshing Hangang river breezes while doing that.


Rolling Ball Museum

Be amused and get intrigued with your kids at the Rolling Ball Museum. Play and touch all the silly objects with your little ones for a fun filled experience in the Fun Museum.


Make a trip to Bukhansan with your kids and enjoy the easy and beautiful walk with them at the Uiryeong-gil crossing located at the very center of Bukhansan Mountain and Dobongsan Mountain.


Gwacheon National Science Museum

Acquire new knowledge with your kids at the Gwacheon National Science Museum where they can learn more about space shuttles and dinosaurs. With 2 floors and 6 halls of permanent exhibitions, the Gwacheon National Science Museum is suitable for all ages.


Dream Forest

Play at the playgrounds and feed the deer with your kids for a perfect day at the Dream Forest. During the summer, jumping fountains can be seen operating while you can roll in the snow with your little ones during winter.


Secret Garden

If you happen to be in Seoul during autumn, visit Secret Garden to take a stroll and enjoy the beautiful foliage.


Lotte World

Make your little ones happy by taking them to Lotte World, a huge theme and amusement park akin to Disneyland. No trip with your little ones can be considered complete without a trip to a theme park. Remember to avoid going there during weekend afternoons as it can be busy and packed with people.


Ski Resorts

During winter, you can head up to one of the ski resorts and enjoy a fun skiing experience with your kids.


Olympic Park

Wander around Olympic Park with your kids by running around the lake, renting a family bike and take pictures of the persimmon trees in late autumn.


COEX Aquarium

Look for sharks and feed a fish with your kids at the COEX Aquarium during rainy days.


Dibo Village

Unleash the curiosity of your little ones and let them roam around wildly in the huge Dibo Village indoor playground. It will definitely make them happy.


Korean Folk Village

Let your kids learn about the tradition and culture of Korea at the Korean Folk Village.


Modo Island

Pack up some lunch, catch the ferry and head up to Modo Island with your kids to enjoy a beachside picnic in the summer.


Bongeunsa Temple

Visit Bonguensa Temple with your kids especially in the month of May and before Buddha’s birthday in order to see the whole temple magically decorated with a lot of beautiful lanterns.


Anseong Farmland

Feed the sheep, goats and ride a horse at Anseong Farmland for a day full of fun and amazement with your kids.


Namhansanseong Walks

Discover how far your kids can trot by challenging one of the Namhansanseong Walks. You can also enjoy some delicious Korean food in one of the traditional restaurants around the area after that. Complete your lovely afternoon by having a stroll around the beautiful palace.