Generally Korean is a family friendly travel destination. Muslim will have harder time as generally Korean feast on Pork and fish a lot. Travelling independently is great too as compared to booking a tour as you can to customize your trip according to your family needs and if you prefer free and easy holiday.

You can to travel according to your family’s mood especially if you have young children , unwind and relax which you will not get in a tour. Korean tours are generally rather hectic as you may need to change hotel every night while early morning calls.

Although Koreans do not speak very good English, Koreans are generally quite gracious and helpful when being asked for directions. Subways and public transportations are well marked with English signboards.

The advantages of organized tour is you do not need to plan a lot for the trip and you will get to visit all the tourist attractions. Generally some tours do cost cheaper than free and easy travel.


Theme parks such as Everland is suitable for kids and family friendly

Flight tickets

Always book online and look for promos so you can save a lot on your trip especially if you are travelling in family


Always book rooms online as you can get room at better rates. Guest houses with larger rooms are great for family that can accommodate 3 to 5 people. It is always advisable to book much earlier if you are travelling during peak period especially around December.


Kimchi and Ginseng are popular gifs to purchase from Korea. Cosmetic products such as Laneige cost 30% cheaper in Korea.


Other things to beware is that Korean foods tend to be a little spicier.


December is a good time to travel Korea for winter holiday and skiing however you should always be mindful whether your children are sensitive to cold.